Need Group Bonding?

Volunteers help ensure that ATRC remains a quality riding program by providing assistance to full-time staff. Opportunities include leading horses, side walking with riders, facility repairs and office assistance. Special projects are available for large groups. Opportunities are open to schools, companies, scout troops, alumni, or any other group that would like to form a healthy group dynamic.


Oklahoma Technical College (OTC) – Welding School
Fence and paddock repairs

Watch OTC Welding School at ATRC on the Channel 6 News HERE!

Tulsa Tech – Opportunity Tours – Volunteer work days

Every year  in October, 200 to 300 students seeking volunteer opportunities stop by for a visit.



The Firsts Tee – Volunteer work


Quinn Llewellyn – Eagle Scout Project – Troop 19 – 2012


Alex Monaghan – Eagle Scout Project – RSA Troop 945 – May 2011