Horses & Friends

It takes very special horses to become four-legged-therapists. They are some of the hardest working staff members on the ranch.

Quantity: 8-10

Health Care: Traditional equine treatments are utilized, any service a veterinarian would recommend (i.e., farrier, chiropractic, etc.). Routine schedules for all include:  health checks, training, work and rest.

Requirements: Horses are like people, each has its own characteristics. Different traits are chosen depending upon the needs of our riders.


Donated by Jamie McLain, Sapulpa, OK in 2013
Breed: Thoroughbred/Paint cross
Birth date: 1999

Hey there! My name is Sir Prescott but you can call me Scottie. I was born and trained to compete and won several ribbons in different disciplines. Like many athletes, I was injured a few times, but always came back stronger! In June 2013 I moved to Oklahoma with my new family to be rehabbed from another injury, but shortly after my arrival I was diagnosed with a rare and hard to defeat disease: the Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis. I was not ready to give up on life, never lost the will to live through all stages of my treatment and eventually beat the odds by making a full recovery! Despite my extraordinary comeback, I couldn’t risk to get hurt again and retired. Even though I had the run of ten acres, several horsey friends, and plenty of love, something was missing: I needed a job. That is when my family and I decided that ATRC would be the perfect place for me to start a new rewarding career. I am so happy to be here, and can’t wait to meet you!



Purchased from Briley Quarter Horse Farm, Webbers Falls, OK in 2007
Breed: Quarter Horse/Paso Fino
Birth date: 1994

Hi, my name is Horsie and I am the first four-legged therapist recruited by ATRC. They say I was born to do this job, all I know is that I love my special cargo. I always make sure my riders stay safe while enjoying their ride.  I want to introduce you to my daughter, Missy. ATRC was kind enough to let me bring my baby with me even though she is not old enough to work yet. We love meeting people, come see us!


Horsie's baby


Purchased from “Briley Quarter Horse Farm” in Webbers Falls, OK in 2007
Breed: Quarter Horse/Paso Fino
Birth date: 2006

Hello! My name is Missy and I’m lucky to have the best mom ever. She shares with me all her secrets on becoming the favorite four-legged therapist!

Morrocco (“Rocco”)


Donated by “All-Star Therapy Group” (Bob Barnett) Ramona, OK in 2007
Utilized in “Tulsa Boys Home” program
Breed: Tennessee Walker
Birth date: 1986

Hello fellows! My name is Morocco, but everyone calls me Speedy Gonzales because I’m the fastest speed walker in these parts.  I love the riders who want to go faster than a snail’s pace, feel the wind in their hair and squeal with joy. I proudly get to teach independent riders because I am careful and obedient. I’d love to show you what I can do, so stop by when you can!


Donated by “All-Star Therapy Group” (Bob Barnett) Ramona, OK in 2007
Utilized in “Tulsa Boys Home” program
Breed: Quarter Horse
Birth date: 2002

Hello everyone! My name is Buster. I’m a good listener, an honest worker, strong, athletic and yet very gentle. I’m a good horse for all levels of riders and I’ll help you reach your goals. The joy in my heart shows through the rhythm in my steps! Experience it for yourself, come see me!


Donated by “All-Star Therapy Group” (Bob Barnett) Ramona, OK in 2007
Utilized in “Tulsa Boys Home” program
Breed: Draft Belgian Horse
Birth date: 1999

Hi everyone, I’m Jethro, the gentle giant. I’m the tallest and strongest horse at ATRC. My size sometimes can be intimidating but once you ride me, your confidence soars. My goal is to make sure my riders stay safe during their work out, have a lot of fun and have a great experience to share with their friends and family. When you have a moment please stop by, I’d love to introduce you to the rest of the herd!


Donated by Todd Green in Sand Springs, OK in 2010
Breed: Quarter Horse
Birth date: 1993

Hi! My name is Patsy and I’m a teamer. It comes natural for me to follow instructions from my ground team or my independent rider. The rhythm and bounce in my step makes for an exciting and productive lesson. For a relaxing time, join us!


Donated by Peggy Gardner, Cushing, OK in 2011
Breed: Haflinger
Birth date: 1999

Hi, I’m Toby. My cute short legs take me quickly around the arena so I can get the job done!  I enjoy my riders and I adapt my speed to their needs and goals. Come see me in action, you won’t regret it!


Born on Thanksgiving 2009

Hi everyone!  My name is Corby and I am the greeter. I come to work with my mom and my job is to alert the office staff when guests arrive and to give hugs to those who need them.  I love my people!  Come see me.


Hello!  My name is Patches and I love my family.  I actually have a job and that is to keep the area clear of mice, snakes and other unwanted critters.  It is an important job because we want our riders, volunteers and horses to be safe.  I am somewhat of a big deal!




Donated by Dr. and Mrs. Tom Glass, Cleveland, OK in 2009
Breed: Missouri fox trotter
Birth/Passing dates: 1998 – 2013

Peaches worked four years as a four-legged therapist with us. She was extremely kind and talented. Sadly she became sick and eventually left our world to find the peace she deserves. She is greatly missed but will run and play forever in our memories!
To watch Peaches’ tribute click here.



Purchased from Marcus in Bixby, OK in 2012
Breed: Haflinger
Birth date: 2005

Hello buddies, my name is Keith. The majority of my experience is driving carts. I’m new to the program and I’m learning how to be helpful to my riders. I gladly accept all riders and work really hard to please my trainers. I LOVE my people and I have tons of potential! Don’t miss the opportunity to learn with me, come on out!



Donated by Charlie Marks, Broken Arrow, OK in 2013
Breed: Quarter Horse
Birth date: 1991

Ruby crossed the Rainbow Bridge to run and play forever in heavenly pastures.

Thank you so much to Charlie who generously shared his family member with us. For the time she was at ATRC, Ruby made a tremendous impact on the life of others!

You will be greatly missed Ruby!