Interested in Becoming Involved?

Volunteers are a key component in the running of ATRC. If you are interested in helping change the lives of the students here at ATRC we have many opportunities for you to become involved.

  • Office:  general office assistance
  • Riding Program:  horse leader, side walker, tacking, facility maintenance, feeding, etc.
  • Specialty: events/fundraising, volunteer coordination, creative writing, digital media, photography, etc.
Special Project: ATRC Promotional Video
Brandon Jones, Director and Producer

It is not a simple task to capture true emotion, especially when working with individuals who are rarely in front of a camera. Placing individuals at ease can be an impossible task. It is very apparent in the video, folks were at ease and speaking from their heart and that is a testament to Brandon’s talent, warmth and caring heart. Never having worked with horses or individuals with special needs, Brandon truly captured the heart and soul of our organization.

The ATRC promotional video was Brandon’s first project and since that time  he has worked on many projects in Oklahoma and other states.

Brandon, thank you for your time, talent and giving us this priceless gift! To contact Brandon, call ATRC.

Marketing and Communications
Creative strategies including social media and photograpy
Tiffanie Beurtey Cazenave

Tiffanie entered our lives with experience in competitive riding, non-profit marketing and photography. The many hours of assisting our certified instructors with our clients and program horses’ training, developing marketing strategies including digital marketing/media and social media have been a valuable asset to our growing organization. Her past experiences, education, desire, heart and soul is reflected in everything she does.

First and second quarter 2013:
Tiffanie completed 645 hours of volunteer service.

To watch Tiffanie jumping with Indien de Montgermont alias “Pistache”, click here.