Internship Opportunities

ATRC is proud to be part of a student’s educational experience. We offer two internship options, both involving many possibilities. If you’re interested fill out the intern information form on the sidebar to contact us.

P.A.T.H. Certification: This position allows students or trainees who are interested in, or in the process of, becoming a P.A.T.H. instructor to work first hand with a professional. Through hands on experience and the shadowing of a high level P.A.T.H. instructor, students will be able to gain experience and knowledge as well as experience a new level of volunteerism.

Educational Internships: ATRC offers educational internships to work around student’s needs. Students with experience in social media, marketing, communications, human resources, event planning, fund raising, and copy writing will make great candidates for this program. Internship possibilities include but are not limited to: Marketing, Communications, Public Relations, and Multi-Media majors.

University of Tulsa – Digital Marketing and Communications
Danielle, Intern

Holland Hall – Business Administration
Catherine, Intern

Tulsa Community College (TCC) – Social Worker
Kalian, Intern