“Being a volunteer for me has been an amazing experience. I was asked what I like best about volunteering, my answer, Everything! Being in this environment is like none I have experienced before. Not having any experience with horses I have enjoyed helping feed, water, groom and saddle them. Each horse has been fun to get to know because of their different personalities.

As a side walker you get to know the riders and how to respond to them, they are all so different and each one brings you joy. My other reward has been visiting with the parents, they all seem to enjoy our conversations. Getting to know the other volunteers has been a lot of fun, and learning what brought them to ARTC has been very interesting for me.

It’s nice to be appreciated and the entire staff at ARTC lets you know how much they appreciate your help.”

Judy, began volunteering April 2013 – Tulsa, Oklahoma – August 2013


Becky is one of our most loyal core volunteers! Since 2009 she has generously given us more than 1,250 hours of her time! While managing the barn on Tuesdays, she also helps lead and side walk in the arena. Her experience and commitment brings a lot of value to our program!


Danielle has been volunteering with us since 2010 and is a long time member of our “1,000-hour club”! She has been spoiling us with so much commitment and creativity: from her help at the barn to her wonderful videos, we are now known internationally!




Nickie has already donated more than 100 hours of her precious time to ATRC this year. Being a mom of a special needs child she understands what we do and brings in so much valuable experience. She has also owned a horse and cattle ranch in Texas so she is a huge help when it comes to caring and handling our four-legged therapists. Nickie is now our Thursday barn manager, she assists in the arena with riders and works with our program horses. Thank you so much Nickie!




Teresa is retired, owned horses for 30 years, has 12 years experience in a therapeutic riding center in Kansas prior to relocating to Tulsa, OK. She was a public school teacher for 34 years and currently teaches art.